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Bourbonne les Bains

A Health resort station with activities throughout the year!


 >Bourbonne les Bains


Culture and Heritage

Churches, traditional houses, the local heritage can also be discovered through our Museums and exhibitions....

>Culture and Heritage



Wildlife Park, arboretum, if you enjoy nature you have come to the right place.



Local products

Take the time to enjoy our local products! Cheese from Langres, Wines from Coiffy or even the famous foie-gras and champagne!

>Local products


Know-how and local crafts

Basketwork of Fayl Billot, Cutlery industry of Nogent, glass factory of Rochère, discover ancestral secrets of making.


>Know-how and local crafts


Leisure activities and sports

Many possible ways exist in Bourbonne les Bains in order to relax and have fun with your family, friends or in solo: mini-golf, swimming pool, horse riding, fishing (…)

>Leisure activities