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Water cures


Different water cures are possible in order to fit the best to your pathology: Rheumatology and ENT disorders are the most common ones.



The springs at Bourbonne les Bains have curative effects on rheumatism, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, fractures and bone decalcification. Clinical scientific research on water cures taken at Bourbonne les Bains, carried out by the Nancy University Hospital, has proven that thermal waters improve the quality of life, lessen pain and increase bone formation


ENT disorders

This water cure is advised in case of pain in the ears, heaviness in breathing, sore throat, clogged nose and headaches... In the hammam, or emanatorium, situated directly above the Roman well, the rare gases and thermal vapors are gathered and directly absorbed via the pulmonary route.

ENT treatments include aerosols, inhalations, sprays and gargles.