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Bourbonne les Bains



Discover the history of thermalism across the ages in Bourbonne les Bains and discover our spa with the city map, and its shops...

the history of the city


The origin of the thermalism in Bourbonne-les-Bains goes back to the dawn of the times when, the first inhabitants of the region bathed, in water holes supplied by hot springs.

Persuaded that the heat of the water is explained by a divine origin, the first curists invoke the divine couple Borvo and Damona for their healing.


Photo:statue Borvo,  d'Eau et de Feu



The opening in 1735 of the Royal Military Hospital, then the construction of a thermal establishment from 1783 mark the beginning of the great period of thermalism in Bourbonne, which has been further favored by the arrival of the railway to The end of the nineteenth century and the construction of a new thermal establishment between 1977 and 1979.





- The city museum with a Gallo-Roman archeology part, and a painting section, with painters who have been linked to Bourbonne: Jules Ziegler, René François-Xavier Prince, Clément Server and Georges Fresset.

- The Church Notre Dame in Assomption, which dates from the twelfth century, marked by the presence close to the Cistercian abbey of Morimond 







- The Castle Park, at the location of the old castle with its centenary trees, a small French garden and the common medieval castle, today rehabilitated in media library and music school.

- The Gallon Door that allows access to it was a fortified construction in the 16th century.





The Arboretum of Montmorency designed as an English garden with a botanical park with about 250 different tree species.

- The Animal Park La Bannie, on the Roady Road, extended over 100 hectares of forest and home to many animals in their nature.

Maurice Constantin-Weyer's birthplace, Goncourt 1928.



Mairie de Bourbonne les Bains

Parc du Château 

52400 Bourbonne les Bains

Tel : 03 25 90 14 80

E-mail : mairie.de.bourbonne@wanadoo.fr