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The Bourbonne-les-Bains Tourist Office, in "Water and Wickerland", participates and enriches the "Waterways" network!


Indeed, Haute-Marne is rich in its lakes but also in its numerous rivers ...


This is why we invite you to discover our vernacular heritage and the life of our inhabitants throughout our rivers.


The "Chemin de l'Eau" site aims to publicize all kinds of places, people and events in Haute-Marne by browsing the many rivers of this department. For this, it offers an original way to browse the Internet based on geographic proximity.


It is the result of network work led by the Remp-Arts association (Langres) in conjunction with tourism stakeholders in Haute-Marne. As often as possible, links are created to existing websites, with the aim of showcasing them rather than competing with them..


> Association : Président, JEAN-Claude FOURTIER - 52200 LANGRES

E-mail : fourtier@remp-arts.net

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